Catalog of the
California Well Sample Repository

(updated 10/21/2019)
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Electronic Catalog File List

Introduction                        -- notes on the catalog

Formation/Geologic Age Symbol Guide -- sfast.xls

Operating Procedures                -- procedures and policies

Lithology Samples
        All Cores                   -- cwsr_core_inventory.xls (updated 12/11/2017)
                                       Pop-up Key to Types of Well Samples

Paleontological Reports             
        Humboldt B&M                -- HBM_Paleo_Reports.xls
        Mt. Diablo B&M              -- MDBM_Paleo_Reports.xls
        San Bernardino B&M          -- SBBM_Paleo_Reports.xls
        Offshore                    -- Offshore_Paleo_Reports.xls
        Private Collections         -- Beck_and_Steinmeyer_Paleo_Reports.xls

Geologic Reports                    -- Geologic_Reports.xls

Seismic Velocity Surveys            -- Wells_with_velocity_surveys.xls
                                    -- Check_Shot_Licensing_Agreement.doc

Paleontology Samples and slides
        Humboldt B&M                -- mcrohbbm.xls
        Mt. Diablo B&M              -- mcromdbm.xls
        San Bernardino B&M          -- mcrosbbm.xls

Research Results                    -- dafmsmp.xls

Thin Sections                       -- thinss.xls

Well Log Files
        Offshore Federal Wells      -- fedocs.xls
        Humboldt B&M Wells          -- logshb.xls
        Mt. Diablo B&M Wells        -- logsmd.xls
        San Bernardino B&M Wells    -- logssb.xls

Old Catalogs (replace by catalogs above):
        Humboldt B&M                -- cathbm.xls
        Mt. Diablo B&M              -- catmdbm.xls
        San Bernardino B&M          -- catsbbm.xls
        Old Paleo Report list       -- palrpt.xls
procedures and policies
Please note that most of the above catalogs are available on a CD that may be obtained from the curator. The link below opens a text file with a list of files on the CD.




Notes about this Electronic Catalog

For information on using the California Well Sample Repository, please see our web page on procedures and policies. For information on what is available in our collection, please see our catalog, which provides links for downloading files that list our available core, cuttings, well files, reports, and paleontogy samples. Our publications are also available for download. Please note that the Well Sample Repository is not liable for any errors in these files, or for any interpretations resulting from use of this Electronic Catalog.

Our catalog files are in Microsoft Excel (.XLS) format, which can be read by most spreadsheet programs. These files print in landscape format with legal-size paper.

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